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Extract of General Terms and Conditions of Insurance

It is possible for you to download our cancellation insurance conditions here.


Pitch Accomodation
15€ including VAT per stay 3€ including VAT per night


● As a result of the occurrence of a covered event (except those stated below)
Reimbursement of cancellation fees according to the scale
stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions of sale within the
following limits:
● €6,500 per insured person,
● and €32,000 per Claim for all of the persons insured under this
policy, within the limit of the total amount of cancellation fees.
Per rental: €30
● As a result of the employer changing the holiday date

● As a result of burglary and theft of identity papers within 48 hours preceding the Departure
- 25% of the amount of cancellation fees covered, with a minimum of €150, per insured rental
- €30 per insured rental when the price of the rental is below €150
● When the stay is interrupted for one of the covered events
Payment of compensation proportional to the number of rental days not used (transport not included), up to the following limits:
- per insured rental: €6,500
- per event: €32,000


When the Insured cancels his booking, Yelloh! Village may charge him for all or part of the price of the services, called cancellation fees; these fees increase as the Departure date approaches. They are calculated according to the scale given in the Cover and excess amounts table.


- An Illness, including related to a pregnancy, a Personal Injury,
- The psychological, mental or depressive illness of the Insured
- A medical contraindication to vaccination, the effects of vaccination or being medically unable to take preventive treatment
- Notification of the Insured to adopt a child
- The death
- The redundancy of the Insured or that of his spouse, de facto spouse or partner bound by a civil solidarity pact, provided that the notification to attend a prior individual assessment was not received before the day of taking out this policy and/or booking
- Obtaining a salaried position or a paid work placement,
- The notification of the Insured to re-sit an examination in connection with his studies,
- The modification, by the employer of the Insured's date of paid leave that he granted him prior to booking the rental.
- The non-disciplinary work transfer of the Insured,
- Serious Damage to property , directly affecting the following properties: the main or secondary residence of the Insured, its professional use if the Insured is a craftsman, shop owner, company director or he carries out a liberal profession,
- Serious damage to the vehicle of the Insured requiring the intervention of a professional and occurring within the 48 hours prior to his Departure,
- An Accident or a mechanical breakdown of the means of transport used by the Insured en route, resulting in a delay of over two (2) hours
- Burglary and theft, in the 48 hours prior to Departure, of the Insured's identity documents 
- The notification of the Insured for an organ transplant at the time of the stay.
- The mandatory, unforeseen summons of the Insured to appear in court, as a witness or for jury service that cannot be postponed.
- The Cancellation of persons remaining alone or two staying together due to the Cancellation cover of one of the insured parties, provided that all are insured under this policy and feature on the same registration form on the insured service.


We guarantee, within the limitations shown in the guaranteed amounts and excesses table shown above, the payment of an indemnity (proportional to the number of travel days that went unused and the number of people who actually left the holiday location) if your stay has to be interrupted for one of the following reasons:
• your repatriation for medical reasons or that of your insured family members, organised by another insurance company,
• your hospitalization in your holiday location.
• your early return :
- Due to illness or accident, involving urgent hospitalization, beginning during the period of your stay.
- In order to attend a funeral, following the death of a family member.
- In the event of material damage to your primary or secondary residence, your farm, your place of work/office
Before organizing his return, the Insured must call Mondial Assistance to obtain prior approval to the interruption of stay.


Reimbursement of cancellation fees according to the scale stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions of sale within the following limits:
● €6,500 per insured person,
● and €32,000 per Claim for all of the persons insured under this policy, within the limit of the total amount of cancellation fees.


The policy must be taken out:
· for the "Cancellation" cover: on the same day as the booking or within 2 working days of the booking, at the latest;
· for the "Holiday Curtailment" cover: before Departure, provided that the Insured has not already taken his means of transport to travel to his destination.
· for the "Cancellation" cover: the day after payment of the premium at midnight.
· for the "Holiday Curtailment" cover: at midnight on the day of Departure stated in the Specific Terms and Conditions and, at the earliest, after payment of the premium.

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